Love Your Cuppa | 11th September 2016

by - September 11, 2016

A Cuppa, or a Brew, the British love their tea like the French adore their croissants.You simply cannot beat Earl Grey or the classic Black. Maybe you're a biscuit dunker or a side cake gobbler; don't we all love our tea? We all have our perfect way of creating our tea. Here is how I love my tea.

It would be a sin to not use your favourite mug. Personally, I am a pattern type of guy. The green and white mug you see is a dream. A babe. It is just wider enough at the top to drink and not spill, with the handle comfortable enough for me to grab onto it. Just before the bubbling kettle has switched with the magical CLICK sound. I plop a mild strength tea bag into the mug. 

Treating yourself is important. The cheeky treat i have to the Belivta Cream & Jam biscuits. Slightly better than classic biscuits but still tasty. They have a great dunking sensation and taste marvellous. This is how i love my Tea. What about you? 


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