93KG to 73KG | 9th October 2016

by - October 09, 2016

During the month of March (roughly 7 months ago) I began a journey. An adventure. Seeking new places? No. Rejuvenating from couch potato to a healthy male? Yes. It definably was not easy nor hard, it took determination, mistakes, along with long stares in the mirror...

Mothers. A month before I decided to start, or even thought about exercising, my mum met with a neighbour on our street. He works for Herbalife. (This is a company who focus on healthy nutrition, exercise and give high-quality products) He was talking to her, as her English is rather limited, it was my duty to translate. It seemed like bolocks. It wasn't until she wanted to start to exercise, a month later, that I thought "Why not? you can quit whenever you want"

Still 93.3: 
I was big. It was a new day. The very first day. Still eating dodgy food and wobbling around, it was 'Monday Boxcerise' The nerves. I've been skiving away from any form of fitness for 16 years of my life! What will I do? How will I cope? What happened? I started punching, 20 seconds in, breathing through my mouth, 1 minute down, nearly done with the warm up, pounding away, heart beating, sweat starting to gather around the tip of my forehead, legs starting to shake, lip trembling, eyes fading black. 5 minutes from a curling hour was complete. Couldn't stand up anymore, my body was exhausted. I sat like a miserable lump at the side, legs like jelly, arms made from water, a boneless body. Did I feel defeated? At the time yes (You will find out the real feeling later)

It was a week since I started to use the product. The very first official weight in at the scales on a morning fitness class. The real sadness of my neglect over the years was going to have to be reveled. The bubble of comfort, conceived with fat, oil and vile fried foods was waiting to come crashing down. 3kg down. 27% Body Fat. 30% Water. BMI 28. Overweight. Risking the edge of Very.

That was the starting point. My determination to succeed. The following was a blur, week by week I just kept going. I just remember health messages from the trainer.

Me at 86.5KG 
1 STONE DOWN! IN A MONTH? I was shocked. My metabolic age dropped from 37 (I was 15 back then) to 26.

You need to have a why factor. Why are you doing this? Why? What do you want to feel?

Why: To gain confidence
Why: To never feel ashamed of having to eat, people looking and be able to wear a tank top without feeling fearful
What: Happy.

The clothing I was wearing is becoming too big. The joy in my eyes. Those expensive shakes were working. £100 on new clothes from BooHoo. (How wrong was I? To think I was near the end?)
People started to notice the changes in my smile. How brighter I was. How I had more life in me. It was amazing how much has changed. "I'm starting to see your jawline?"
It felt so positive, so great, so overwhelming to be congratulated. 

I just had to keep going.

80: A brand new sports kit. Summer will be here soon. 2 Stone down. It was tough. Gruelling and I bought my 1st tank top. 

Too Lumpy. I wore it around the house; no one would want to see me in this, I recorded a video, cried, and deleted it. I went so far, yet it still wasn't enough. Why is it so hard? I started to think. Is it really all that worth it?

81: It was a very bad week. A birthday party, Cake, Pringles, Binge. A pure binge.

83: It all was starting to come crashing down and I felt awful. The headaches were returning and I wasn't going to hit my summer goal. 2016? Was not the year for me, but 2017 will. That is my target.

80 (2): 
The return to my health was a must. No more feeling sorry for myself but being more appreciative. Work hard to get the results.

It was happening, I became the normal BMI. 

Cake by the ocean "YO"

Looking in the mirror. Seeing me. Smiling.

Just keep going. You can do it.

Feeling great.


8th October 2016. You see before you the new Martins Virtual Blog. A happier person, a person with bigger dreams, a wider smile, smaller clothes, even with less toxic people. In case you're wondering about my statistical data now. BMI 23. Water 60% Metabolic age 12. 12.7% Body Fat.

Exercise used to be a chore to me, a thing only for looking good. It is not. It has evolved, grown in sense, into a passion, a new life form, a new wild spirit living inside of me, waiting to push me so far that I can feel relaxation. Comfort and support. During the journey, I've met such positive people, lost friends while making more supportive colleges and people who are supportive. 

I did it. What next? A new goal. Maintain my weight and develop muscle. Hoping this audience motivates me to go the extra mile.

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