Twerking. Gliding & Dancing | Monday 17th October 2016

by - October 17, 2016

Tuesday the 11th of October was the date,  6:02 was the time. Tickets grasped in our hands, skinny jeans spray painted onto our legs, we arrived. To the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham. 
It was cold. It was wet. It was a night to not forget.

I recall a rumble in our stomachs as the concert wasn't until another hour. We stumbled along the wet cobbled streets in search of the nearest food chain. Unaware we had to turn the corner to the nearest chain we walked a full circle. I Suppose it wasted some time at least.

When we arrived back at the Arena, it was time to enter the stage. Block 5, Seats 4,5,6 was where we sat. Somehow, an old friend of mine was on the standing floor.  Yes. The 1m away from their ass cheeks seats. (They got noticed) It was nice to have a little chat and a catch up before the supporting acts decided to present themselves. 

Sitting in our seats. Waiting.

It wasn't long till I bounced off the seat to dance, throw my hands up in air & Scream and their songs started to play. There are no words to describe this. So here are some pictures.

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