Autumn Is Here | 12th November 2016

by - November 12, 2016

Close your blinds, flick your electric fire on, burn some cinnamon candles and switch on a movie.
What is the occasion you may wonder? Autumn! You need to love it, embrace, shiver under blankets, wear scarves, drink pumpkin spice latte's, have a bonfire, dance all night, skype to your crush, Instagram some leaves. And take a deep breath.

The clocks changing and the new seasons' weather can be very overwhelming. One moment daisies are popping out of the ground, the next you're getting showered by leaves. It is unbelievably important to keep on track with your fitness. There are only 6 weeks left until Christmas but in all reality. Christmas is only 1 Day. Don't get me wrong, I am fully blasting Last Christmas all over the house, wishing people Merry Christmas already, yet my diet is staying healthy & there are zero excuses to stop.

But take some time to slow down. Have a rest day once a week, where you have a long plunge into your bath. Lay in your PJ'S and hug your pet.

Today, I will be lighting my candle's and watching Harry Potter (III). It will be a reward for surviving another week of School & Health. So what are you proud of? What did you do this week to deserve a night in?

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