Looking Fashionable? Halloween! | Saturday 5th November

by - November 05, 2016

It only happens once a year and lasts only a quarter. Definitionally not long enough. "Ahh, Autumn" drifts out of my mouth, every morning, with admiration to this glorious season. How can you not simply love it?  Layers, upon layers of reds, yellows, browns, pumpkin oranges, piled upon every pathway, garden, park and even lakes...

Autumn is the season where I get to enjoy the clothes. Layering is one of my favourite attributes of style, you can wear a patterned underlay with a cosy jumper. Tight underneath and baggy over the top. It is the season where coats, furry coats, become socially acceptable and you can feel A) Warm and B) spoilt for choice.

 I've been loving darker colours on top with lighter, festive on the lower half. The prime example is a black jumper with the "Fashion" quote and burgundy chinos. It is an outfit ideal for sixth form and for braving this weather. The jumper was purchased at an independent retailer, as it is important to support local/smaller business in our neighbourhoods. The chinos were purchased in "Reversed" a Europen store, however, dupes are available at Next, New look & other high street retailers in the UK.

Another outfit I purchased for my wardrobe this year is the inspirational jumper. It goes with everything, however, I mostly prefer to style it with super skinny black jeans and a black scarf. This gives attitude and blend throughout my whole body. It is a good decision to not overcomplicated the style while wearing the jumper as it is very graphic meaning that it may look like a mess or a confused deer in a deforested forest.

Warning. Cement stairs are cold during autumn. Best till last. Outfit Number 3. The jacket, with false leather detail, has the character of this season. It is dark with light brown. Besides of only looking good, it serves its purpose of warmth. The jumper below is called a "scruffy" as around the neck it is "scuffed" up, causing a snug warmth effect. A hipsterish vibe. Basic blue jeans. No more need to be said there, apart from the fact they work with every outfit. My super favourite is the boots. Purchased in Deichman they cost around £70. They are partially material meaning care is a pain but as Beyonce once said "Pretty Hurts"

In October, still autumn, we have Halloween. This year it fell on a Monday, which shows how awful 2016 is. Returning back to the topic, it was an amazing night, in which I mean I was at a party. There isn't much say, apart from the fact I went as the Devil and it was super.

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