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by - December 17, 2016

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It has been a while since we talked. Let's get personal.

Since a young age, performing was an inspiration of mine, it was fun, creative and you got to make great friends along the way. However, it comes to a time where you either decided to either pursue a career into it or fade away from it. I don't have the trio combo, so knowing singing will never be for me. It was time to have the last bit of fun and have a story to tell when I am old. The show "We Will Rock You" was great, unlike the stereotypical school productions, this went above and beyond. There was lighting, fire machines, smoke machines, live microphones, a band and even a lift to rise to the stage. The dances came together, so did the acting and the cast even managed to sell out 3 nights, with additional purchases on the door. It was fantastic.

Christmas is around the corner and mince pies have crept onto me. I will be rebooting my health and fitness on January 1st, 2017.  It will be less fat burn but muscle building. Ekk. Already scared of braving the Gym. I will also be doing the 30 Day challenge where you eat healthy, exercise and stay motivated as it should be the kick up the backside to get me achieving my goals.

Universities. I've started to explore options after A-levels. I may have 1 and a half years remaining; career advisers to guide, but it is time to start to research and broaden my options. I've been interested in Nursing, seen as a 'feminine' profession, It is helping people and improving their daily lives, However, teaching is a huge interest of mine. Still thinking.

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