How being FAT inspired me | 8th January 2016

by - January 08, 2017

There will be the time where we are on the top of the world. Running through a high, dazed in joy with adrenaline pumping through our veins, bursting into uncontrollable waves of laughter, you know the ones we make memories of, which can give you a smirk while recalling it. The 'cool' kids probably have a slang phrase for it, It's a
place of zen, balance and peace, where you can love your body, sing, dance, write, read and be yourself. That place is in our minds.

It is possible you will struggle with it. There will be days where those bludges, nips, errors, faults make you feel huge. No not huge. Gigantic. We're only human after all. Imagine the feeling of those thoughts clinging to your shoulders day in and day out. That was how I felt through 2015 & start of 2016. Here is a story of a boy. A boy who is me.

I would spend up to 2 hours trying on clothes in front of mirrors discovering how to hide my body away from critics of strangers. How to make my thighs smaller and stomach tighter. Black, grey, no light trousers, are examples of ridiculous rules I've read online. Standing in front of the mirror, piles of clothes around me, staring eye to eye, tears running down my face.
Friends are a great source of love and support

"Fat" "You're disgusting" "You're a brick wall" "Looking ridiculous I see" "Vile pig" 

All the phrases that used to leave my mouth, aimed at me, destroying me piece by piece, I was cracked. Damaged beyond repair. What was the simple task that day? Walk my dog around the street for 15 minutes. I was so uncomfortable with myself that leaving the house was identical to leaping off a cliff without a parachute. And don't even mention trying to eat in public.

Those feelings were truly awful; I wouldn't curse these upon my worse enemy, something you never wish to experience. Yet how did this inspire me for anything? It inspired me to change.

Change is good and caring for your body & mind is the best hobby you can have. It is an unbeatable emotion. That anger and hate I targeted towards me shifted towards energy. A pulse of action to move, run a mile further and dance harder. To push further, lift harder, cook better, chuck away crap, burn fat and to rest. That flame is burning inside my head on how beautiful we all are; how healthy our bodies can be and that feeling awesome is all inside our heads. 

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  1. Your journey is so inspiring and I hope that you have nothing but happiness in your life because you deserve it! x Nikita

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