Sweat, Blood & Tears New Year's Resolutions | 3rd January 2017

by - January 03, 2017

It is easy for bloggers to get side tracked and forget what is really important. Personality. We share our adventures, news and other lifestyle perks but when does it all become fake? Being false is something I wish to never become and since it is the new year, here are my resolutions. To achieve these targets there will be sweat, blood and tears until I've met every single one.

Staying Healthy
This is the cleshay target of "getting fit" but being realistic is key, therefore I wish to go to the Gym once a week; carry on my current fitness classes. Easy peasy and one simple addition. 
This is my hobby, passion, the bubble of love I cherish. I want to take this more seriously and take the time to perfect the site. Focusing on growing my audience and posting at least 3 times a month. Maybe one day this site will give me great opportunities, or even if it may not, just writing has helped me mentally. 
Anxiety is that little A$$hole that never leaves you alone. It can spring back up at random moments and make you struggle; I want to do Youtube, obviously, it is terrifying as getting mocked in College is my biggest fear, but would've Eve bennet or Saffron barker get so far if they didn't take a risk?

➢ Attitude
We have one life and while being destructive and bitchy may be hilarious it brings bad vibes into the world. I wish to keep clean of negativity and toxic situations of discomfort. Being online is hard and responding to comments is easy so have the right mindset is key.

Here you have my 2017 resolutions/goals, yet I'm left wondering what are your goals? How are you going to achieve them? Do we share similar stuff? 

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