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by - January 16, 2017

Do I wish this story was a fake? Absolutely. I cross my heart, this story is 100% honest from my perspective. It was around Halloween, early October when I've set to go on my first ever plane flight alone. I was terrified. (As you can travel alone on a plane at 16). It was all going perfectly, as I arrived 1 hour early, checked in, went upstairs, hugged my stepdad goodbye and walked into security checks. 

This is where it all starts to go wrong...

In the queue, I prepared myself fully for the checks. Belt off, laptop out. Ready. There I am walking through the metal detector. Nervous as I don't want to be A) touched by a 45-year-old man if it beeps B) have strangers judge me as if I'm smuggling cocaine C) Loose track of my personal belongings as they pass the scanner. What does it do? Beep! So, I get touched up by some stranger. They find nothing. I walk again. Meanwhile, my items are clogging up the system, even worse, anyone could've stolen my passport at this point, nevermind my laptop. Beep! Still something wrong. Here I am sweating with fear that my ID will be stolen. Who knows? Getting tapped down by the same stranger with the bald head. Nothing. BEEP!. Security is looking at me as if they will need to strip search me. Personally, I'm scared of nudity, nevermind in front of strangers, I wiggle my toes to feel something. A £1 Coin. WHAT WAS IT DOING IN MY SOCK?!? HOW DID IT GET THERE?. So now I am standing barefoot in a dirty airport security check. Finally, No beep. So I walk ahead with my head in shame. 

It doesn't end there. The flight was the airports 6th from last. Never mind that it was 2 hours late, I roll up with my luggage to check the screen. Rolling along the floor, with my book and sandwich (I've got hungry from all the stress at security, so I bought a meal deal) BAM! "OWWW" I hear. I turn my head along and a woman is laying on the floor grabbing her ankle. JESUS I think, What next? Will I get sued for damage? Frantically saying sorry, asking if she is ok, she is in pain. Thankfully, she was all right and her ankle was not broken or anything. 

Luckily, everything else went normal and calm and I got to visit my grandparents. Disclaimer: I do know security are here for safety and they're just performing their job. However, it is an uncomfortable feeling.

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  1. £1 coin in your sock?😂😂 But going on your own at 16 on a plane is beeping scary. Well done.😊 Apart from the above, everything else seems to go smoothly.😊

    #sweetreats xxx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. It sure was terrifying! Haha. I was so annoyed at that coin in my sock. How did it even get there?

  2. OH DEAR. This sounds like the worse experience, so sorry to hear that happened to you! Makes for a pretty great story though

    1. It was a complete disaster! Another one to tell my grand kids one day tho!


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