I WAS SHOT! 20th February 2017

by - February 20, 2017

Paintballing is such an adrenaline filling sport. You're constantly running, jumping, squatting, crawling through mud or even trenches. Yet the pain of the fluorescent oranges splashing against your body is quite painful. Imagine having a gang of wasps stinging you in a small area for around 30 seconds, but the excitement is 100% worth it.

On the 15th, It was two of my friend's birthday and to celebrate their 17th, they invited us to go paintballing for the day. The day was a rollercoaster, intense moments of flying around the game fields with our metal guns and helmets, army crawling in knee-high mud to avoid getting shot and most importantly winning the majority of the games. 
Between games, which lasted 20 minutes, we would reload our barrels with the paintballs and chill in the wooden huts. Sitting on benches and giggle around with conversation, we had some snacks and took some time to breathe. This experience had also allowed me to meet so great people, who know how to have a laugh and a good day out. 
Later on, upon my return home, I've noticed several red bruises around my body. Nostalgia filled my mind of the times I was shot and probably fell, well slid, over in pain; don't worry they have all faded away now as I write this. 
Personally, I would highly recommend going paintballing for an adventure day out. The cost is rather low and it is sure fun to chase around the games. However, it is not for everyone so make sure you can withstand some levels of pain.

Would you ever go Paintballing? What other sports do you want to try?
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