Wanting more Homework? | 13th February 2017

Monday, 13 February 2017

 Ahh, walking into a paper store and the stationery section flashing into your eyes like a diamond buried in the ground. Diaries, notepads, address books, pins, clamps, stickers, glue, folders, sharpies, highlighters, fountain pens and the possibilities of endless joys could go on and on forever. Then you get the crippling realisation you only have £20, you need £2.60 to get home, And you went to the gym costing £3.25 so you can only spend a measly £15. Items flying into your basket, when the sudden reality check hits like a pin dropping in a silent room, you need school stationery. Time to put back the pretty stuff and be a bit more practical.

Now that the background story is covered, the Haul.

RollerBound Lever Arch File
These bad boys are ideal for any sixth form or high school student, purchased in WHSmiths, costing a low £9.99 as on sale, saving this unemployed 16-years-old a whopping £7. The vibrant colours caught my eye and will make my work stand out. They're practical, according to the recommendation from a friend, as the roll bind spins results in the folder being less likely to get crumpled and will stack easily in rucksacks. The range of colours usually available; Green, Black, Blue, Purple, Pink.

2017 Planner
Staying organized is the number one priority for any student. Costing a bargain 50p, purchased in Asda (English Wallmart) has the ideal proximities to note down any leftover work and record revision sessions. What more is to say other than it is a medium, black and sophisticated planner?

Metalic & Gold Gel pens
The shimmer of these pens is outstanding, taking in mind the 79p cost from Paper works. The ink is so pretty and sparkly that while writing my Biology notes, I wished for more work to do. Although the metallic silver is hard to see, the gold works perfectly to give a boldness to the important phrases/words from the work. Honestly, these pens made me wish I had more homework. Yikes, you certainly don't hear me say that often!

Black Ink Pen
This is a premium product for not the high-end price tag. Costing £2.75 per pen, this improves my handwriting drastically. Sadly, I have a rather messy and clumsy handwriting so discovering these pens has changed my world. The English essays I produce have more clarity and the jet black of the ink is ideal for any examination. Simple perfection.

Sadly, the budget suddenly expired and it was time to head home to do some work. You really don't hear me ask for more work to do; fellow students would agree, A-levels seem stressful enough! This is the end of this Haul.

What was your favourite product? Have you written any Hauls recently? Comment below.
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  1. I know that feeling of wanting to spend more on stationery than necessary...but if I felt remorse for every unnecessary purchase I've made, I wouldn't be able to live with myself! I absolutely love the colors of the lever arch files you bought. I actually had to google "lever arch file" to see how they differ from ring binders. Also, I totally get what you mean about wanting more homework just to use a certain pen! I remember when I purchased a bunch of stationery over winter break and was anxious for school to start already so I could use all my pretty pens haha.

    1. Ring binders don't have a little lock so all my class notes won't go flying around or breaking. They're pretty much the same. And It seems to be a bit of an addiction to pretty things that many bloggers seem to have! Haha.


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