We are the Resistance! | 6th February 2017

Monday, 6 February 2017

"We are the resistance" could've been the identical words used in a protest for equality within our species 10, 30 or even 50 years ago. Would this be raising awareness to the existence of LGBT, fighting against segregation in America or opposing the 2017 Muslim ban, the world has aided in respect, love and most importantly empathy.  There is only one type of Human, so why do we find the need for hatred?

This is a message for every single individual. Religious or not, gay or straight, white or black, male or female, there is no difference in our hearts. Humanity has been fighting for years, decades, to end the tragedy, which is discrimination, an ongoing issue. Within history we have made mistakes, awful tragedies leading to unbelievable consequences; why haven't we learned our message yet? Walls won't separate our lovers, the same way the Berlin wall fell apart with revolution. Laws won't stop us getting married, the same way in 2016 Gay marriage was legal in all 50 states. Praying won't get us killed, the same way attacks on mosques won't be tolerated. Gender won't determine our future, the same way woman were given the rights to vote. Yet how is it possible that in 2017, homophobia, islamophobia, sexism, racism and bigotry is still an issue?

It is the era in time for people to realise religion is not an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT. Being Christian doesn't give you the right to ban Muslims. That being a man doesn't allow you to possess a woman's body. That one skin colour is not superior to the other. If we all valued our differences than these issues wouldn't still be around. If the human race stopped being so scared of change, respect and love then we wouldn't have these awful events. What can we really do?

Spread the message of love and positivity, accept others for who they are, sit with the lonely boy at lunch, open the door for your mate or help an older person cross the street. Small acts of kindness, acceptance and compassion will lead to the development of progress, a ripple effect like a stone splashing in a pond. Tiny waves of goodwill spread from person to person, neighbourhood to a community, region to country, continent to the world; your words of wisdom or faith can save a life, give love, bring peace or even prevent a war. There is no need for anger or revenge, learn to forgive and move on, but most importantly learn from the experience. Lastly, support peaceful marches, make posters and give your actions a voice. However, never EVER turn to rioting and violence, that will cause harm and cause a mother or father to bleed tears for the loss of a child.

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  1. Holy shit this is so inspirational

  2. Yeah Martin! Loved this article, I totally agree. This fight isn't man against woman, or white against black, but simply human against human. We should all be on one side, yet we have split. I should probably do a post on this too!

    1. It is really important to be together united. Glad it inspired you for a blog post! :)

  3. This is an important message! I saw the Instagram photos and thought they were cool! It is awesome to hear more about where you stand!

    1. Glad that you agree on the importance of equality! It is always nice to break away from the lifestyle and do a bit of activism.


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