Why Exercise is Important to me? | 27th February 2017

by - February 27, 2017

No matter who you are, every single person has varied reasons to exercise. Would this be the fashion, mental clarity, health or to simply look good naked, we have many reasons. Personally, I am fascinated by the factors behind people's choice to carry on exercise and push themselves. Therefore, what better way to start a conversation than share mine?

Shoes & Shoes
I have a developing addiction to sports clothing and how comfortable they're. The way a fabric can soak up the vile sweat and make you feel as dry as a freshly crisped towel in a hotel room. Recently, I've purchased out to buy a new pair of "casual trainers", mainly for college. Yet on Saturday, I will be buying a new pair of running shoes as my current ones are starting to become irritating. Exercise gives me the excuse to treat myself to some new clothes.

Stress relief
Stress is the most typical feeling us student will experience, but the relief factor to completing a workout and stretching out your body to new levels is the most rewarding treat in the universe. It is extraordinary how we have the power to make us smile by simply running or jumping; earlier this week, I completed by first every 5k run in 32 minutes, which was amazing, and I was smiling so hard at the gym that my jaw started to ache. You suddenly feel a sense of relief and clarity in your mind when you're exercising heavily as if a bag of pain was lifted off your shoulders, allowing you to think through all your problems, and build positive resolutions. 

I cannot put a word onto it, maybe the English language hasn't phrased it yet, but it would be defined as "pure joy for no special occasion". Exercise gives me that 'zing' and spring in my step. It simply makes me happy; I was once told in life that you should stop doing things you hate and focus on what you love. Well, happiness is the key to the door of love and I adore exercising. (Eek, I would've never even thought of saying that sentence a year ago!) Even, if it is one lesson you take away from this post, then remember to only do what makes you happy.

There you have it. My 3 main factors, which make exercise important to me. Therefore, I have the following questions. Do you exercise? Why?

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  1. I am loving this new layout! Have not had much time before today to look at it. BUT IT IS A WIN! Exercise is pretty great.... carido not so much but it's still wonderful

    1. Thanks. It took absolutely ages to find it/figure out. Cardio is a pain, but the hard work makes great results for the summer!

  2. Your blog layout is amazing and I also feel like I should exercise more because it makes me feel so good afterwards. x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves


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