DELETED PICTURES? | 20th March 2017

by - March 20, 2017

An ongoing issue of mine is taking photo's for posts, but never actually using them or deleting the post later on. Therefore, here is a little tribute to all of those photos. I tend to write/babble a lot in my weekly posts, so enjoy some peace and have a glance at these pic's.

The very first signs of spring.

Instagram Project I did on acceptance (Wasn't posted on blogger)
Summer 2016: Ship sailing back into the harbour.

German Windmill 
The very sad drizzle of snow we had this year. Sigh. Climate change

Visiting my Grandma's birth town and seeing the manor house, which is told me stories about as a child

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  1. Great photos with different perspectives! I'm so inspired I'm almost taking out my DSLR to shoot (even though I'm horribly busy with junior college (sixth form))

    1. Glad I managed to inspire you! Sixth form is so busy.. Eek.

  2. Forgot to add- I love the first shot - a sight we don't get much of here as it's tropical weather all year long.

  3. LOVE THIS! And these photos deserve to be posted and not deleted haha

  4. Firstly,not that this is relevant but your eyebrows on fleek. 😜 Secondly,praise the lord for keeping deleted pictures😊.

    #sweetreats x


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