How I Dress for Sixth form? | 13th March 2017

Monday, 13 March 2017

There is always the complexity of not knowing how to dress for college/school, especially within the men's fashion zone. If you scroll through Pinterest, you will sure find hundred upon hundreds of ideas on what to wear for girls. Now, I'm addicted to those posts, but I've decided to give the guys some spotlight too. 


Vibes from the weekend still in my mind, the leather jacket from Zara Man was the country styled aesthetic I wished to portray. It blends with the same theme as the dark brown, which were purchased in a private boutique close to town. Dark blue skinny jeans gave this outfit the stamp of approval as the extra definition on my legs, empathise the boots. (Bought in Diverse Poland. You can find similar styles in majority of high street stores). Finalising this look was a block print, black to white T-shirt from Newlook.


Spring is just around the corner, but the chilly winds are still on full blast in the Uk. This chilly day forced me to refigure from thin fabric T-shirts to heavier overlays. Light tan boots from Deichmann and red stretch chino's sourced from Diverse (Poland) [Find similar styles in Highstreet chains] were completed by a stretch jumper, with what I can only call a false scarf round the neck (I'm no fashion terminology expert) gave me unbelievable comfort. This outfit is not only good for the school day but great for standing under church walls.


Rainy days are no fun. Therefore, I needed a blast of colour to join this outfit. Adidas shoes in light blue have achieved just that. I simply adore them and I am sure you will too. Scarf from a Parisian themed market and leather jacket from a small retailer were the pieces to the confidence puzzle. This outfit made me feel badass, but to tame that tone, the Next Green jumper provided practicality and a contrast to the dull blacks and grey's 


Sporty clothes for the rushed days. Class schedule full and a jog planned at 4, there was no other choice than to save time, without compromising style The hoodie is from Hollister, which is currently on sale. Skinny joggers from JJB were complemented by the Adidas trainers.


The weekend fast approaching, I needed to introduce some knitwear. This AWESOME jumper is from a market holder in coastal Poland, who is probably over the moon on the amount of £££ I spend on her clothing. Light washed jeans (again, Diverse Poland) give the vibrancy I wished, but the ultra fabric technology allows my legs to breath in the summer and to stay warm in winter. The perfect combo for the interphase seasons. Personally, the minimalism is what I love about this outfit. It is unique and showcases my personality.

There you have a sample of my style and personality. Below you will find useful links to the stores I tend to shop at the most. My question for you is "What was your favourite outfit from this post?" 
Hopefully, you enjoyed ready this weeks post as this is how I dress for Sixth form college. 


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  1. Replies
    1. Hey V! Glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks.

  2. monday and tuesday were my favorites.
    but overall, you have an amazing sense of style!
    it's true that female fashion dominates (especially in media platforms), but what you have here is strong.

    it was fun to run across your blog...
    hope to visit back soon.


    1. Monday was my favourite too! It had such cowboy feeling behind and it. Thanks for your comment. Certainly hope you visit again!.

  3. Hey Marcin,
    I liked the Monday's outfit most but I love the striped pullover from Thursday.

    1. Hey Lea, The pullover/hoodie is so comfortable! (Plus Monday was my favourite as well)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

  4. this is a lovely post!


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