Stationery is my Drug?

Monday, 24 April 2017

Adorable and rustic, this stationery is a right bundle of joy. If you want to collect memories or write glittery notes with gel pens, you will sure find it in Wilko's. That is where this Haul is from. Even on the minimum wage, the Total price being a tiny £7.75 it is affordable for all fellow students.

Styling together, the £1.50 GelPens (Yes, there is a copper shade) have proven to be super fluent in their writing and are have a strong glittery pigment. They will be used for my As-level revision notes, just to make them more appealing and to note down all my blogging ideas in the adorable 50p A7 Notepad, which has a super cute owl on the front.

Scrapbooking is a fantastic way of collecting memories and storing little memoirs for travels, friends, parties or even just happy days. Therefore, this scrapbook for only £3 is my favourite purchase. I will be collecting and glueing in little things into it as one day, it will be super refreshing to be able to check back in my teenage days.

Furthermore, the copper edged notebook only cost a low £2.75 and I will be using it to write down cooking/baking recipes that my Grandma will be passing down onto me this summer. However, you can always use this handy notepad for a journal, studying, a mental health tracker or even a joke book. Personally, I may have a developing addiction to these hauls (At least it is not drugs! aye? Anway, It is super handy to have another notebook as you know us, bloggers...

We LOVE our notebooks!

It was super nice to write this blog post for you, so let's start a conversation. What is your favourite stationery item?  



  1. STATIONARY YES! I could spend all day in bookshops, browsing their pens and notebooks....

    1. Hey sunset, Sorry for the late reply.

      Stationery is just so lush! :)

  2. Oh gosh, I literally LIVE for stationery. I'm currently obsessed with fountain pens.
    Also, have you heard of MUJI stationery? (it's basically Japanese minimalist stationery= best thing ever)


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