What Inspires you? | 3rd April 2017

by - April 03, 2017

 I found this lovely blog post from Dainty Dweeb on what inspires her to have a lifestyle blog. (It is from 2016, I am so last year) Her choices ranged from Insta's to cheeky favourites; let's see how our inspirations differ! (I am genuinely interested in what inspired you to write or read blog posts. Comment below?)

Twitter: Every month, week or even day, there is a new trend of tag in the blogging community. Although I TOTALLY suck, at remembering to join the #Chats, It is a great inspiration to blogging as usually, the buzz is the next exciting thing. Imagine like a swarm of bees flying over to oozing sugary honey, but a herd of bloggers gliding together, discovering new ideas.

Clothes: This one is so obvious, if money was no object to me, I would be having at least 3 hauls a month! (Actually, that would mean a MUCH larger wardrobe) Fashion is such an exciting area, which is still rather new to me, and discovering it is so fascinating. 100% a huge inspiration factor

Events: You couldn't be a lifestyle blogger without a life! As this site is dominantly for me to share a spark of my personality and life to the world, plus a side task to document my journey on this round planet called earth, doing fun activities or attending events is a huge inspiration. Travelling would also go under this category as it is super fun and exciting. Also, I like to have a little nosey into what other bloggers are doing, so it is only fair I let them in into my life!

There you go, the top 3 inspiration factors behind me blogging. What are yours? Do we share any? Also, do not forget to follow me on Bloglovi' and NEVER miss a post!


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  1. This is nest! I think I need a blog post like this to remind myself what I am all about!! For me a big part of my inspiration cones from events that I am living too! Twitter though, I have never gotten use to the platform. I've tried so hard but been so unattached to it!

    1. Twitter is a tough cookie to crack. At first it is so lonely, but as soon as you get hooked you cannot leave!


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