Why I'm not a Youtuber? | 10th April 2017

Monday, 10 April 2017

Don't get me wrong, watching Youtube videos is one of my daily functions. It is a great platform to explore and share stories to wide audiences. Heck, it is basically like Blogging but Vlogging! However, after trying this hobby, my cup of tea turned cold...

Youtube is absolutely terrifying! Before you call me a crazy, hear me out. You're putting your face in front of people, who can judge your voice, appearance, life and even the equipment you use. (That is a whole other issue, with even starting to do Youtube videos). Now, blogging is still VERY personal and opens you to trolls, but it feels so much more comfortable generally the communities are so easier to find and are ever so accepting.

Starting Youtube is awful. Imagine throwing out a little lamb into a pack of hungry, vicious wolves. When I used to make videos, I've met so great people, who are still awesome and supportive, However, the people who will blatantly ignore you, just because you have very little subscribers is hurtful. Now, every industry has it's snobs, but for some reason, I found it more frequent within Youtube. Rather upsetting, don't you think? One time, I was even bullied in real life as some people discovered that I used to make videos; I won't go into much detail as it is a rather too personal story to be online, but unless you're huge on Youtube, people will laugh and mock you. (That is so confusing as you can't grow, without starting somewhere?!?)

It is time-consuming. You can spend hours upon hours on filming, editing, sharing and you will still only get 100 views. Statistics are just numbers but Youtube has a way of making starting channels feel worthless while giving huge YouTubers double the opportunities for their videos to be seen. Personally, I loved all of the mess that came with it. After all, I spend hours blogging anyway, but it becomes too timid to make videos with no equipment and no money.

Would I ever do Youtube again? Probably yes, when I am older and have more confidence. Maybe it won't be so scary in the future?

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  1. SAMEEEE HERE. I started to blog for a few months but then stopped because it took too much of my time. GOSH. I bet it is really hard to actually get somewhere big with youtube, it is so damn competitive. hey, but if you ever do come back to youtube let me know

    1. Vlogging is extra hard! You can't just whip out a note pad, take notes and snap a few pics. It is much more public and newer so people still find it odd! But if I do return, I will be sure to tell you. :)

  2. I could never be a Youtuber - I hate pictures, let alone videos! I'm really sorry to hear about the negativity you've experienced. I'm glad that you've found the blogging community to be a more welcoming, accepting environment. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Definitely following x

    1. Thanks for your interest in my blog. Being a youtuber sure does seem challenging! But maybe one day it will force us bloggers to join it. Haha. x

  3. Hi, what a wonderful blog. It's so creative and done so well. Well done you. CancerCarerChats.


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