ASOS Dream Wish List!

Monday, 29 May 2017

The 'dream' in the title is for a purpose as my student net worth is currently at an all-time high of £5, you can always glance online of what you would love to wear. Therefore, here is my summer ASOS list...

Naturally, I am a colourful person and summer is the ideal season to stand out. However, sometimes it is nice to tone down it a notch. I've been trying to visualise myself in the clothes and must say the golden print racer vest top paired with the stone chino's would rock. The nudes are pale, but the shimmer from the gold would be emphasised by the monotone back colours. Beneath it all, I would use the TOMs Culver boat shoes to complete this outfit. You may say I would strut the promenade all day in those.

Staying healthy is easier in style, and red is in trend, so the Nike running vest along with the Nike shorts would be ideal for me to set off jogging around the lake every morning at 6 am. It is bold and vivid, something that would give me a boost of confidence while running next to the partial shade from the trees. This year I plan to exercise and start to go the gym again, so this outfit a must on my wishlist.

My Pinterest has been crammed with the white Adidas T-shirt and shorts. So I would pair the white one with a contrasting red or the dino shorts along with the stan smith Trainers in Pink. Or another combo for the trainers would be the festival vest for the colder beach evenings and the dungaree over the top. It would give the teen movie vibe and honestly, I wouldn't mind it at all.

Oh, and before I forget, the pink baseball cap would be rocked along with some plain black sunglasses as who want's to be blinded by the sun? The top, from this wishlist, that would compliment this would be the Adidas T-shirt again, along with the simply adorable dino chinos matching the pink trainers.

I could write hundreds of ideas for outfits from this wishlist. It is ever so summer ready and personally I love every single brand, piece and colour. The endless possibilities make this truly a dream of a list. Hope you enjoyed this post, It is a bit different from my usual style. But hey ho, trying new stuff is always good.

What was your favourite clothing item?

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  1. I LOVE ALL THIS. I don't wanna tone down. I wanna stand out lol

    1. Hey V,

      You see I'm always so 'extra' it will be nice to be neutral at least for one day. Haha, I will probably not like it!

  2. My favourite would be the festival vest. It's adorable! Your style seems very cool, and I love each of these items.

    1. Thanks! I mean, I do love everyone of these as it made the list. But the festival fest is so adventuress I LUV IT.


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