Review of my 17th Birthday Gifts

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Being a teenager can be rather tough sometimes. Balancing school work, epic parties and moaning parents is certainly a huge challenge.  However, now that I approach the ages of maturity, please excuse my language. HOLY CRAP, I will be 18 next year! Let's not think about how soon I will be considered an adult, here is a haul on what I've received for my 17th Birthday.

The ideal gift that you will find in a store, hamper basket or goodie bag is rich, creamy chocolate. You simply cannot go wrong with it. And this year, my friend's have collectively chosen a range of chocolates for me. Aero, the famous Cadbury, a huge Milk tray and the smooth milk galaxy. I will certainly enjoy these in the evenings when I am watching an episode of the real housewives.

Every student, and any person above the age of 14, knows how essential coffee is to our daily lives. The cute duck egg blue cup with the golden writing engraved, along with with a hilarious "wake me up" coffee blend, is fantastically adorable and a lovely thought. When the tough gets going, I drink my jet black coffee and start working. This will sure get me through my exams. HUGE gratitude to whoever decided to gift me this.

Hmm. The smell of fresh apples is certainly strong this year! Oh wait, it is the lovely Yankee candle that I have been gifted. It is true what they say, your friends always know you best. My fingers are itching to light this candle up and allow it to fill my room with a scent so fresh, it will make summer come 3x faster.

Gardening is me. Whenever I may be stressed, I sling on the gardening gloves and rip out the pesky weeds. Therefore, the adorable wooden patio mix of flowers is so perfectly matched for me. The aroma of the flowers plastered a smiling grin on my face and the cheerful blast of seeing the reds, yellows, dark blues and lilac purple made my day. This was such a great idea from my friend (You know who you are). Thank you.

Also, I would love to say thank you to my parents for funding me some cash, which will be spent on fashionable wardrobe and the beautiful rainbow cake, that they have bought me. I love you.

This day was truly awesome, and I wish to thank everyone who posted, commented or messaged me with wishes. However, my question for you is... What are you most grateful for?

Thank you for reading this post and please note that I am super grateful for everything I am privileged for in life.




    You garden? I had no idea! That is pretty neat. I should do something like this but I have no garden to pick weeds out of. Coffee and candles. These are great gifts as always. I would never think to give coffee but maybe I will now haha.

    1. Thanks V! Yup, Gardening is my jam! Haha.

  2. AAAHH THAT CAKE IS MAKING ME HUNGRY :P Happy birthday! It's true, we all need coffee :P And candles are some of my favorite things to receive and give, especially apple scents!

    ~ Noor

    1. Hey Noor,

      Sorry the late reply (It was exam season) but thanks for your wishses.

  3. Happy belated birthday! and how weird does it feel to know that you're soon 18? It was kind of a shock to me haha!

    Stella xx

    1. Thanks stella! It feels SUPER freaky. I'M NOWHERE NEAR ADULT ENOUGH.

  4. A super happy (belated) birthday to you, Martin!! :D I'm sorry I just now heard about this - with school wrapping up, it's been a while since I've stopped around to see any of my blogging friends.

    I hope you had a wonderful day! It sure sounds like it. :) All those chocolates... ahh!! Glorious Cadbury. <3 Also, I know the feeling! I'm 19, now.. My 18th has come and gone, but I was terrified to hit that legal adult mark. Nothing changed, though lol. At all. Life continued as normal, and now I'm facing down 20 in a couple of months. Eek. How time flies..

    Happy birthday again to you! Enjoy it all!

    1. Thanks Eve! It is super nice to see a comment from you again. Cadbury chocolate is so Delicious. Also, ENJOY YOUR LAST MOMENTS OF BEING A TEENAGER!

  5. I'm way late!! But Happy Belated Birthday!! You're a May born just like me!! I was born on the 17th and we are both 17 as well!! That cake is absolutely gorgeous as well!! ✨✨🌸🌸
    Chanté | The Enchantéd Blog


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