Can Colour Runs Actually be Fun?

Monday, 3 July 2017

Monsterous pools of sweat dripping from your face, panting like an animal for breath, bursting pain swelling around your ankles, along with dozen other reasons on why running is awful, I never imagined myself running. Nevermind running for fun!

Around January time, we saw a Facebook event advertised for a charitable colour run. Supporting a great charity? Sure, So we signed up and purchased 4 tickets. Soon the dread of actually having to run settled in and a bundle of excuses floated around our minds as the day got near and nearer.

The day started with an early morning rise of 9 am to eat a fueling breakfast as a glimmer of sunshine was finishing to break through the morning mist of clouds; Squeezing myself into running attire made out of nylon and other blends of fabric, it quickly came to 10am and we set off to the Nottingham Watersports Arena.

After an agonising car queue to the car park, we lined up at registration with cheers of previous waves jogging, running and even dancing across echoed in the background. What a great environment it was. Grasping our free T-shirts and bag of powder, all of us chose blue, we headed to the start line. During all the chaos of confusion, we got mixed up with the wave in front of us. But that didn't compromise the experience.

A sudden "GO!" and we ripped our bags open and with joy spread across our faces as we threw the dye into the air. Imagine a fluffy cloud composed out of rainbow dust floating above you. We started trotting across the 5k course, speeding up at every powder throwing station, while chatting to each other about the typical everyday stuff. The 5k course seemed shorter than ever as we giggled past, soon to find we have finished and been crowned with big round participation medals.

To any of you wonderful readers wondering on how I could've possibly enjoyed running? Believe me or not, it was a surprise to me but with a cluster of friends, supporting those in need and jogging across fields of colour, it would make even the most miserable sod have a big wide smile on their face. It was an awesome day out for the weekend and I truly recommend for everyone to have some fun and go jogging!

Have you ever done a colour run? Would you consider it? 
Tell me, I want to know!

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  1. You make this sound so much fun! I'm personally not a fan of running but I've always wanted to the the Colour Run. x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Hey Nikita, In pure honesty it was such fun! You should totally do a colour run. Tell me how it goes! :)


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