Should you Read it? Book Review #1

A week or so ago, I've won a cheeky giveaway on twitter of the book you see above. Prior to reading it, I didn't think much of it, other than a great opportunity to add another book to the ever so growing collection of books I've read. However, after reading the first chapter labelled "Reality", I quickly messaged Charlene on Twitter asking for permission to review her book as I was gobsmacked by the poems inside.

Quick summary: A collection of poetry covering a large chunk of aspects of mental health. A recollection of thoughts and feelings from the author as of when she suffered in silence.

The first impression of the title cover was rather confusing as I was unaware of genre or if the book was a fictional novel, it was a pleasant surprise to find out it was a poetry anthology. 
The book is laid out into 9 chapters, 6 of which are the poems. However, the remaining chapters are just as important as some other advice and help with websites and numbers you can ring.
In addition, I must say it is not as such of an enjoyable experience, as the nature of the book is darker, but I believe that is important to share the real experience. 

"There's nothing worse than being constantly low"

'Pleasantly' surprised by the effect the first chapter had on me as I could feel the emotions and turbulence of thoughts that the author must've suffered. As if I was sitting next to her. However, there could've been more depth in some of the poems. While reading the poems, you can feel a sense of time shifting along. going from one event to another and days passing by until you end up with a doctor being diagnosed. Very well written.

"I didn't have The broken bone (...) To show it"

The portrayal of symptoms of anxiety and depression is really well expressed. Mental health has no signs, of which physical injuries do, so the poems give a really eye opening understanding of the key ways you can identify anxiety or depression. Also, as one chapter is dedicated to Insomnia (something, I have very little knowledge of) I've learned a lot about the condition through these poems and how other people suffering from it must feel. It made me think about others, who may have these troubles with sleep.

Layout wise, the book has a good way to developed emphasis on specific. lines and have the listener almost search for the next stanza by either leaving large chunks out or spacing words across the page. Although, at first I was confused upon the purpose of it. 

  There was a little less of focus on how to recover if you suffer from mental health issues, yet the coping mechanisms mentioned, such as exercise and speaking out about your health, are great and very advisable. You can tell that the purpose of the book is clear on to educate others and share a personal experience. 

Overall, I think the poems are to a good standard in connecting the feelings of the writer and listener. It offers good support numbers and sites for any of those effects by mental health illness, a great way of educating others while raising awareness to the topic. I wouldn't say it is an enjoyable experience, as the nature of the book is darker, but I believe that is important to share the real experience.  You can buy the book on Amazon, with a Kindle edition also available. 

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