What is it Like Donating Blood?

In the days just gone past, I've donated 470ml of my blood to the NHS. Responding to the feedback on from my tweet, it is important I share the reality of this experience; hopefully, encourage you or others to donate blood.

The Procedure
After registering online and book your appointment, you will be send a health form to your address and must fill it in with 100% honesty. This is to speed up registration and the process.

On the day, you should hand in the form to a friendly nurse in the the registration and follow their instructions. In my experience, I had to wait in a small waiting room, while drinking a cup of water and reading an information pack about the donation. Then after my name being called, I had to answer some health questions and sign a consent form. During the same time I was tested for Iron deficiency by them pricking my finger with a tiny needle and see if it floated to the bottom of a test tube in time. It did. 

After the checks, I was sat down in a large blue chair when a nurse came and explained everything. She asked for my details to prove my identity (A simple name, DOB and address) then instructed me to clench and release my fist as she looked for a suitable vein. After locating it, she cleaned the arm with a cold spray for 30s and proceeded to plop the needle into my arm. All while she was talking to me and asking friendly questions, making sure I felt fully at comfort.  You're probably wondering how much it hurt? Pinch the soft skin under your arm very quickly, almost painless. Nothing to fear. 

Looking round, she took a sampling pouch of my blood for it to be tested for any diseases and to see the blood type I am. (AB+, for those wondering), then the actual donation started. I laid down listening to music, while having to do rather odd exercises including kicking my legs, flickering my fingers and the most amusing one of tensing my buttocks every 10s. The actual donation only took 7 minutes for me to complete. (This is differ person to person) so take a book with you. (Here are some summer reads for you)

Finally, I was offered a drink and snack at a resting table, which I sat down for around 10 minutes and was free to go home.

Blood Facts

If you choose to donate blood, you will be saving lives ranging from babies to adults. The nurse told me that my donation could save 6 babies or 3 adults lives. All this for just giving away 1 hour of my free time. Fascinated by that fact, I've decided to look into positive facts of donating blood. Source.

➤1 in 7 people entering a hospital require blood
➤Usually, there's less than a weeks worth of blood in UK's blood banks
➤ Many people depend of daily blood transfusions to survive and live
➤It only takes 8 weeks to replenish blood lost in a healthy adult

I hope this post has either helped you decide to donate blood, or cleared up any questions you may have about the process.  If you have any other questions then please contact me through the comments, Email or DM's.  Hope to see you soon, you can also follow this blog on Bloglovi' to stay updated


  1. PROUD OF YOU! Looks like you are doing good things! WONDERFUL!

  2. *Applauds in respect* You go, Martin! I'm not the biggest fan of needles, but after reading this and seeing how beneficial giving blood is, I'd definitely love to. It's a great thing to do. I'm proud of you!

    1. Needles can be really scary and I so saw you should donate! You could save a life :)

  3. That's a great thing you're doing! My dad has been donating since I can remember and when I was younger I used to go down with him and see it all, quite interesting! (and the cakes and drinks were good haha)


  4. I'm AB+ too! I heard that us ABs can receive from any blood type (not sure about - and + differences though), isn't that lucky? It's really great that you're putting the needs of others before yourself. :)

  5. This was so lovely to read, what a lovely thing to do for another person, you must be so proud do yourself!
    Charlie | charlieswonderland.co.uk


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