Will Cheap Facial Masks REALLY Work?!?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Everyday our skin is exposed to the most extreme of elements, would it be scorching sun rays or critical stress, we need to look after our face. Even science won't argue with the fact that first impressions are key to forming relationships. Simplified, how do you fix your skin without the aching pain of debt?

The men's mask was out of stock as our store is rather small. It  would've been great to review a product aimed at the demographic I fall into, However here is the next best thing of 3, £0.99 each mask.

Superdrug have produced an affordable collection of face masks and as any other student would, I grasped the top 3 that tickled my pickle to review. The masks are all cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians, a huge step towards higher ethics in the beauty industry. Although they have a bright and wide collection, I would never lie to my audience; only tried and tested masks by me are only included in this post.  Please also bare in mind this is not an sponsored  post.

Dead Sea Purifying Clay Masks

First out of the trio was the Dead Sea Purifying Mask, which managed to amaze me on the quality of the product for the low price. The aroma of zesty lemon was rather complementary to the almost ocean like odor drifting from the packet, although not the most desirable scent in the world. Apart from making me look like Shrek, the texture felt rather very smooth when apply and the mixture was a thick paste.

The clay mask set fast and quickly around the 8 minute mark from the 10-15 min recommended purification period. Never the least, the sheer volume of the mask would have easily been able to full fill two faces rather than just mine alone. Awesome first impression of the range. Overall, the effect of the mask was an refreshing sensation of dead skin and other nasty impurities being lifted away, my skin felt much more clear and clean.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product as it gave me growing confidence in the range.

Chocolate Orange Self Heating Mask

The Chocolate-Orange Self heating Mask was my ultimate favourite, which I anticipated to use as quickly as possible. As soon as ripping open the packaging, a strong, thick smell of deep dark chocolate swished with pungent orange filled the bathroom. Never use this one if you're having cravings as all I wanted to do was to eat chocolate for the whole night. Yet again the coverage of the mask was amazing and a great value for money. Texture wise, it was much more ticker than the 2 other masks and a slight draw back was the heavy feeling it had on my pores.

Almost immediately, after applying, I felt a tingling sensation turning to a slight burning feeling. The same way you can feel heat radiate from sunburn, but in a pleasant way. I have no other way to explain the feeling other than the nerdy Harry Potter way of a 'warm' Dementors kiss.

Washing the mask off, my skin felt smooth and clean. The mask worked in the sense of my pore's opening and unclogging as I felt more pure and dirt free.

Argan Oil Mask

Last of the trio was the Argan oil mask. Apart from looking like VERY badly matched foundation, it was rather disappointing. But it still was a good product. It seems to be a reoccurring trend for the coverage to be superb with these mask and this met up with my expectations. Application of the mask was really easy, even though it didn't spread as evenly as the others. An earthy fragrance dominated this mask, reassuring me of its natural ingredients.

As cool and a cucumber is an understatement as this masks sensation was surprising relaxing as it started to harden on my face. Unlike the others, It started to crumble faster around the 10 minutes mark, it worked faster. Struggling to wash it off, the results were almost instant as my face glowed with hydration.

In overall honesty,  I will by purchasing these cheap masks again but won't be scared away from buying the more expansive products. The Chocolate orange and Dead seaweed will be returning into my shopping basket, while the Argan oil sadly will be staying put on the shelve as I replace it with the Men's Peeling Mask. Personally, I recommend the products.

Yet again, I wish to remind you this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

What are your favourite products to use? 



  1. I saw and read this post a few days ago and did not have time to comment but now that I doooooo.... I LOVE THIS. I am always so unsure about buying these kind of things but it looks like (if i can find some of these) i will try them out. I am such a sucker for those diy srubs and what nots though!


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