Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Food fight or a riot? School is just around the corner and this being my final year of free public education (in human terms A-levels) it will be very fitting to do a bucket list on what I wish to achieve/look forward to this year. What else is there to explain? Here is my bucket list

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➼Achieve ABB grades
This will probably be the hardest task on this list as for As-level I achieved CCD, which deeply disappointed me. However, through hard work and strong commitment, I hope to smash this goal and land a spot in University to study English Literature.

➼Go to Prom
Who wouldn't want to get all spruced up and wear a tuxedo or a dress? I simply cannot wait to go to prom and have a memorable night with all my college friends. It will be a good way to conclude my time as a child.

➼Get involved
This will be the very last chance I have to join any clubs or activities in school so I wish to join at least 1 club. Not much to explain here.

➼98%+ Attendance
Oh boy. My biggest struggle to waking up to go to college at 11 am if I had the mornings free. The issue is that my legs don't wish to walk fast enough, or the wind blows me into Tesco's to buy a snack and I end up being late. This year I wish to try to achieve a very high attendance.

➼Have a Part-time job
Wait up Martin! This is a BACK2SCHOOL post, not a work post. What are you talking about? Well, I think this is important for me to work 8-16hours a week so I can have some £££ to spend on school. Therefore a goal of mine is to secure a comfortable job this year so I can save up for Uni/Leisure stuff such as music festivals.

Wrapping this up, here is my 2017 Back2School Bucket list!
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What is on your bucket list? Or did you ever have a Back2school bucket list? Tell me!



  1. CONGRATS ON THE LAST YEAR. I found this list to be cute haha I would probaly never make a school bucket list but I like this one!! GOod luck! When do you start again?

  2. I'm going to start college this year and I am feeling excited but anxious. Your list is so good and a part-time job is always great for the future.

    1. Hey Laila, great to see you comment again!

      Make sure to blog about your college experiences cause I would love to read about them :)


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