How to Stay Positive?

Monday, 7 August 2017

Feeling turned down instead of turned up? We all have the mornings where we wake up and sloth out of bed. Heck! I had one recently as you may have seen from my tweets. But what can you do to try and fix it? How do you break through greyness? Well, here is the 5 ways I tend to stay positive. 

Tip 1
Recently social media such as Instagram has been dragging me down in terms of body positivity. "How can people's lives look so perfect all the time?" would circle round my mind. The first way I avoid a bad day is not tapping certain apps that will have a negative effect on me, as the only way to improve your mood is by not demolishing your confidence even further. 

Tip 2
Now that you have identified the problem, you need to do something about it. Or not. Sometimes avoiding your problems does work and I shamelessly must say I tend to do it a lot. Therefore grab your favourite book and read till you're lost in some wonderful magical world and don't have to worry about a thing Or, if reading is not your jam then you can always hop onto Netflix and binge away. 

Tip 3
When I cannot distract myself with leisure activities, I will get up and jump into my gym gear, head out the door and run. Run until I am physically exhausted and feel the rush of adrenaline flow through my body. Jogging is a great way to clear your mind as not only will it give you time to crack down on the issue causing you to feel down, release a bunch of happy hormones from your brain but fresh air is also good for you.

Tip 4
So you return from your quick jog and it felt great but now you're stinky, smelly and slump down onto the sofa. What can you do now? A pampering! A good old soak in the bath never fails to totally relax me. Whip out your Superdrug face masks (or any other type of mask), pour some bathing bubbles and slip into your bath. Just thinking about this is making me want to go and have a good hot bath. 

Tip 5
Woah, It's been a long day. You avoided the negative source, read a book or two, went jogging AND looked after your skin. Before you realise the day is over. This tip is all about surviving through the day, just as you've done every single other day of your life. Get into your comfy clothes and sleep it off. 

This is the little routine I tend to follow If I ever feel a bit sad or stressed. Hope this could be some use to you whenever you feel a bit trashy. 

'How do you stay positive?'

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  1. I loved reading your tips! I find it quite hard to stay positive all the time, but I'm trying my best to keep it that way! x
    Lauraconteur ♥

  2. Social media is such a big part of what we feel like and what society expects us to feel like and the way we should behave. Taking breaks always helps me forget about all the negativity that social media can bring x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. So agree, social media can be so damaging

      -Martin (Sorry for late response, I just returned from a cheeky holiday)


    Also just wanted to say that it has been a joy to blog with you! There is nothing more I love than connecting with my internet and blogger friends. I am happy to have made a pretty dang awesome fun. Great job with keeping up on the blog as well! It's hard but I promise it's well worth it.

    I haven't been on instagram as much as normal and it for sure helps. Thanks for these tips.

    1. It is so awesome to be able to sometimes talk to you! Blogging is awesome eh?

  4. This post was great! I loved all the tips especially no.1 and no.2!

    Stella xx

  5. great tips and love the post Marti! xxx so lovely to read!


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