What is my OOTD in Autumn?!?

Dark mornings and chilly evenings; autumn has fallen right into our hands and is here to stay for at least another couple months. We all have that one 'go to' outfit for every season. You know that sweater/hoodie you prefer over any other, the wardrobe dominating clothing that you simply are 'living for'. Well, as we bloggers love to overshare, here is my autumn Outfit of day/Go to autumn outfit... 

Pull & Bear

Nail File

Without any competition, Pull & Bear are definitely one of my favourite stores. Although pricey, the clothing is high quality, colours take harsh scrutiny and still remain vibrant; just as you see with the sweater, which by now is 4 months old and still in good condition.

No idea how that Primark nail file got in my pocket, but I've been using it constantly as a way to conquer the awful habit of nail-biting. (It's helping)

Carrot Fit Jeans
Pull & Bear


In pure honesty, I've never heard of carrot fit jeans before purchasing these. And even though they can be a right nightmare to put on, the comfort level is to die for! I adore the design of these jeans, but as a manufacturing fault, the patches on the knees are what seems hot glued have come loose. Result? One knee is not covered anymore... However, I will still go to wear these, when I fix them.

These boots are actually from last year, showing how durable they're; looking like brand new! Once again, the comfort level of these boots is irresistible and make me feel as if gliding above the crunchy leaves. Literally. 

Thank you
This is a rather unusual post for me to write/compose then what I am used to, but it was extremely fun to write and work on. I would like to also thank my awesome friend Kyra for taking these photos.

Do you have a go-to outfit?!?



  1. I looooove those jeans! Weird tho, that the patches are hot glued? Hopefully it'll be an easy fix!

    1. Hey Kassidy,
      Certainly hope it will be a quick fix and must admit, it was rather unusual for such a high quality brand!

      Lovely to see a new face in the comments :)


  2. That outfit is so well put together! I love the sweater. I've gotten lazy when it comes to style I've been throwing on whatever is the coziest.

    1. Hey V!

      Lovely to see you comment again. Thanks for the compliment and the sweater is so divine and awesome. Also, I bet your outfits look awesome!


  3. Love this post Martin and that jumper is so nice! I have to say I've missed reading your blog while I've been offline for awhile. Your posts always make me smile, thanks for sharing xx


  4. Credit to Kyra! You look remarkable in those photos. It looked like you had a lot of fun with this.

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/


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