Waking Up At 5AM Changed My Life!?

Early Mornings

Circling for several months around the web was the idea of going to sleep early and waking up before the sun has dawned. As ludicrous as it sounds, I have tried and tested this theory for nearly a month now and feel confident enough to draw some conclusions...

Firstly, If you're in the same boat as me and have noticed your grades are averaging C & D territory, you may want to fix it up! That is what I did. I looked up how to boost my grade and what was my main finding? Productivity. Productivity and more productivity articles. However, the next link I clicked on was much more beneficial.

An awesome Youtuber, called UnjadedJaded, fascinated me in her daily routine of waking up at 5am and getting so much of her daily routine done. This girl is getting A and A*'s in her A-levels. She must be doing something right! Waking up at 5am gave her chance to do yoga, cook breakfast, shower without a rush and study by making flashcards. Amazed by her lifestyle, I planned out my week and decided to do just that. Here is what I found...

It's always easy at first.

On day one of this new lifestyle, I woke up and jumped out of bed. To switch off my alarm, which I placed on the other side of the room so I was forced to wake up. I felt a sense of tranquillity knowing the majority of my neighbours were asleep, whilst I was getting a head start on the day. Trying some basic yoga moves, I loved it! It was all going so smooth.

Over the next several days, I felt much more concentrated in class and have been doing an extra 30 minutes of work in the morning. In school, I started to be more active in lessons and do work faster as I was no longer having to fully wake myself up during period 1 or 2.

This new revelation also allowed me to cook myself breakfast and lunch, such as porridge and stewed cinnamon apples and a fresh salad. Oh, in case you're wondering, I am transitioning to becoming a vegetarian as I move out for UNI next year. Waking up at 5am let me improve my diet and learn new skills.

Then it all goes downhill...

A dream too good to be true, or too short lived! Going bed at 8pm and waking up at 5am (Which I still do) definitely has major drawbacks. 

Sometimes you won't be able to get to bed on time or your alarm will not go off and the whole schedule is messed up! It is ever so easy to sleep in and go sleep later but much harder to fall asleep early. Although rare and uncommon, day's where I had 5 hours of sleep drained me completely and I would say damaged my education ever so slightly. 

Everyone is asleep at 5am. Even my dog won't wake up! And the morning TV doesn't start until 6; sometimes it can get a bit lonely. There won't be an instant reply to your Snapchat streak or like on your tweet. You do start to feel alone in the silence without the sun shining.

You miss late night TV. That is a biggie as the number of conversations where I had no idea what was going on since I've missed EVERY SINGLE episode of 'I'm a Celeb'. Quickly my conversations became less on TV and on more on other subjects, which could be seen as a positive in some respect.

Wrapping it up

Weighing up the choice, early mornings can really suck and be draining as days will be longer and nights shorter. But the rewards are much more worth it. Not only did it improve productivity but also my concentration levels and it will hopefully show in my grades soon to come. I will be adapting this lifestyle change for a long time.

Will you try waking up so early? Or maybe would you like to see more posts like this one? Please let me know down below or through other social media.

Cya Soon


  1. This was an interesting post to read! And I mean interesting in a good way! I think that waking up early enough to have time to make breakfast and not be rushed is great but I don't think I could wake up at five! It's also now winter break for me, not planing on doing that anytime soon. Way to go, for doing that!! Also, transiting into vegetarian? NICE!

    1. Hey V!

      Breakfast is great, who doesn’t love freshly cooked food?!?

      Great to see you comment and hope you enjoy your Christmas break! But honestly I believe you could do it as you’re a strong person.


  2. I LOVE Unjaded Jade. She's such a lovely and inspiring girl. This is something I'm looking into as well and I'm hoping to make the change after the holidays. Also I love that you're transitioning into being a vegetarian. Join the squad! :) Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Hey Nikita,

      Unjadedjade is so great and honestly a inspiration. Glad you enjoyed my new blog post and wishing you all the luck to improve after the holidays. You can do it!



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