Dear American Teens Protesting Gun Laws

Dear Teenagers Of America

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In case you are unaware, on February 18th, 2018, 17 innocent lives were taken from Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Parkland America. This attack on students and teachers was committed by a legally bought AR-15 Semi-automatic Rifle. A weapon designed for war. Ever since the tragedy, hundreds, potentially thousands, of teenagers, parents and other family members have been protesting for gun reform. A staged walkout has been circling around social media platforms, promoting further action by students. This is my open letter for the students who choose to protest.

Dear fellow friends, 

Firstly, I would like to start honouring the 17 who are no longer with us. By letting the families and friends of the ones we lost know that I am truly saddened your loss and with pure honesty hope you will be ok.
That every single one of the lives lost was significant and should all be remembered for years to come. 

Next, I wish to address the activist teenagers who are standing up to authority. You have the power. You are powefull and your voice matters. You have the power to march in the streets and to shout with anger for a change in laws. You have the power to demand justice on the issue that is so close to your hearts. You have the power for change. A change of the American gun control system. Your power is letting everyone know that enough is enough and that something must be done. A change is necessary and you are fighting for it. Keep on fighting. 

You are unstoppable. You have significant strength in numbers and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You may not be able to vote as of yet but in the future, you will. Let them fear your democratic power in voting. Let the legalisation know your views and opinions. Make it visible that you are the future doctors, teachers, police, politicians, lawyers and more importantly, voters. 

Power and strength are both symbols you carry. However, with great strength and power, you carry a great responsibility. Please let it stay in your mind that you are fighting against violence. Against more hurt. Against more tears and against more loss. I beg and pleas you to restrain from violence. Sadness can quickly turn into anger and anger into violence. By all means necessary I understand your anger. Be angry. But don't let the anger blind you to the goal of your protests. Change of law to reduce gun violence and to prevent further mass shootings. Don't give your opposition any way to demoralise your actions or fight for justice.

They often say that superheroes are fictional or that superheroes have sci-fi powers. However, I believe superheroes are ordinary people like you. People who challenge injustice, fight for equality and showcase extreme bravery. I want to say how brave you all are. You are incredibly brave to march the streets, stand or lay down in governmental buildings, organise walkouts. The sheer bravery you are all exampling is not compatible with anything I have experienced. Your bravery will help the future generations. Your actions have such beauty. All the interviews, photo's, speeches and articles I have read on your behaviour leaves me amazed as to how teenagers older, younger or the same age as me can hold and possess themselves in such professionalism and integrity. You are all role models. Role models to not only me but to adults, children and all other teens. 

Finally, I would like to tell you to carry on. Your actions will go down in history books. Do not give up. Stay strong, powerful with peace. Demonstrate your strength and demand change. But never forget the 17 lives lost. The 17 angels looking down from heaven and hopefully cheering you on.

Your friend,
Marty Marti.

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