Rejecting An Unconditional University Offer?

Why I Rejected An Unconditional Offer? 

"You're so lucky to get an unconditional offer."
 "Just accept it!."
 "Quick, do it, they must really want you"

Unconditional offers can be seen as a miracle or even a blessing. These offers allow you to attend University achieving any grades. AAA or DEU, It won't matter. That University has a legal obligation to accept your attendance to their Uni. However, they're not everything they seem. A darker truth lingers, chuckling as you consider firming the offer, without visiting the University. Afterall you would be stupid to decline it...

Believe it or not, a University had offered me an Unconditional place. The clause, behind their 'unconditional', was firming them to have a golden ticket to University. Great. I thought, "how wonderful," no additional stress for my A-levels, a free ride along through the year. Thankfully, I didn't rush to accept their proposition and visited the remaining open days on my list. Hence, here is why I rejected an unconditional offer...

Firstly, unconditional offers from Universities, even Russel groups, have spiked dramatically. As according to WHICH? university there was a very large increase of "1,629%". Therefore, receiving this type of offer is starting to become less unique and exactly the same as any other conditional offer. Choice wise that is. Knowing this allowed me to clear my mind as to how to approach this, somewhat rare position I was in. A question was imposed on me "Do they want me or to fill up a gap?"

Secondly, you would not buy a book without reading the blurb, so why should you fork out £9500 on a University you never saw? It would be very unwise to go along with the voices of the crowd telling you to accept the offer just because of its unconditional. I did not want to be a sheep. Although, the offer did sway my thoughts of choices.

Thirdly, the applicant day changed everything. Hoping that I stressed it enough that attending an open day at the University is crucial! Before I was considering, with good motivation, to firm the offer and go to that uni. however, after seeing it in person, I was somewhat disappointed. The university was not for me. 

The city the university was in? Beautiful, historical, a dream come true, but the Uni itself was beige. The lecturer, who was very friendly and approachable, was almost misleading questions asked and babbled on about their achievements, instead of the whole experience, academics and so on.

Another reason was the extra opportunities. Whilst the Uni, that I will be now choosing, has a very generous serving of extra out of lecture activities and clubs, this one had the bare minimum. I felt flat on the lack of CV boosters and ways to make new friends and ways to spend time having fun. This was a huge and major deciding point for me. 

Finally, the moral of this unique experience is that the perfect scenario is not always the greatest. Reality often crushes the illusions of dreams and it is ok. Afterall, what if I did firm an unconditional offer and hated the University? I would have to drop out. A mistake, I fear the greatest. Now, my mind is crystal clear on the perfect Uni choice for me.

Do not feel forced to go to a Uni just because of their offer, especially if you never considered attending there before their offer...

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