Why Netflix's Queer Eye Is Important?

Importance Of Queer Eye

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The hottest show was dropped on Netflix, on the 7th of February 2018. No, I am not talking about Antoni's hunky body but the return of the whole fab 5. Queer Eye. If you haven't yet watched this modern day extravaganza then what rock have you been living under? Other than serving us a dish of sass, laughs and advice, it served us a whole plate of realness. Realness with importance...

Feminity. Is. Ok.

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Don't get jealous but no man has hair as lush as grooming god Jonathan Van Ness. He cut, trimmed and styled all the men on the show; not once hid his inner queen. Even in the American southern bible belt. Jonathan is a role model for all the feminine boy's like me in the world. He shows how a man can be feminine, be confident, be bold, with it all being 100% okay. Personally, this is vastly important to gay teenagers, like me, who have struggled with the acceptance of their feminine behaviour. Having a public figure on TV highlights our visibility and normalises our role in society. Nevertheless, he taught us how to slay a promenade haircut, which cannot be taken for granted.

People of Colour are Gay too.

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In consideration of the tiny fraction of LGBT+ men and women on TV, an even smaller percentage are black men and women. The gorgeous and cultured Karamo Brown breaks the old fashioned stigma. Karamo helps raise controversial issues to our screens and can be an aspiration to all of us. We all remember the scene where our hearts froze, eyes opened wide and a lump sat in our throats. Thankfully, the policeman turned out to be a friend. Karamo on Queer eye allowed me to see some of the issues that people of colour face and why there is a huge need for change. He is a postive role model for all.

Gay doesn't always equal fem.

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He didn't only serve delicious avocado and grapefruit salads but a message too. Antoni Porowski, the food and wine star, shows how gay men can be masculine. How being gay doesn't always mean flamboyant extroversion. He stands for the importance of diversity within the LGBT community, personality wise. However, it goes without saying that Antoni will not only give us a health boost but will make our heart skip a beat over his adorable shyness...

Religion and Gay?

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Growing up in a church and realising you're gay can be a shocker. Bobby Berk was the icon for this topic. This design master changed dated lounges, kitchens and even a dusty fire station into great spaces. However, his conversation with a very religious father on the importance of acceptance was hugely important. Similarly to Bobby, I was raised in a roman catholic religion by my loving grandma and to this day struggle due to the hatred, religion can uphold. But Bobby gives a voice to all the LGBT+ crowd that God created you exactly as he intended and that acceptance is key.

SelfCare is Important

Finally, but certainly not least, Queer eye tells us the importance of the motivation to look after ourselves. Tan France, the British fellow of the group, dressed up boys and turned them into real men. On the show, Tan shared an emotional story on a failed relationship, due to his inability to care for himself. Brutal. This story allows an insight into how harsh the LGBT+ community can be, which is rather saddening, and how superficial society as a whole can be. However, it also teaches us the importance of motivation to present yourself as the best self. That clothes display you, your personality and have the power to change opinion. Tan can style an outfit from head to toe.

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