Why You Should Come Out The Closet?

Should you come out?

Are you an avocado that may need help ripening? Need some help blossoming into a fabulous rainbow butterfly? Or to break that hard cocooned shell? A little extra help in coming out? Then you, my friend, are in the right place...

However, before you open the door, and collapse a lung singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga, we must discuss safety. And no, I do not mean sexual safety. Your home and environmental safety. If you feel you're in a place where you are 100% safe and have a secure support system of friends, but need a small stepping stone to finally say the words "I'm Gay" then carry on reading. If coming out would endanger your life, for example, the risk you being kicked out of your home and you not having a place to crash for a while, then it may safer to wait a while, till the moment is more right. However, I encourage you to bookmark this post or read it now for future reference, when you're in a better place and can share your inner awesomeness to the world.

Now onto the reasons as to why you should come out the closet...


Pretending to be a man or woman you are not is tiring. Your dishonesty to everyone may make you feel a sense of guilt. No one likes to feel like a phoney and personally, I have experienced the guilty feelings of having to lie about the fact I love the same gender and can tell you that these feelings will not fade away. Unless you come out.

Coming out will let you be honest with not only others but to yourself...

True Colours

The act of coming out will allow you to explore your true identity. Now, I am not saying you do not understand who you are until you come out. However, being able to be open about your sexuality (rather than behind closed doors) will let you speed up the process of discovering who you are. If you come out, you may make some major discovery about yourself.

Coming out will make your colours shine bright, but others might dim...

Larger Community

Whilst you're in the closet, you are probably still in some ways involved in the LGBT+ community. Heck, you're reading this post, you must be! However, the struggle of access the community, whilst being in the closet, is much harder. Especially to meet other LGBT+ friends. If you come out you will notice you're not the only gay or trans kid in your school, work and community. There are many others waiting to meet you.

Coming out will probably get you more involved with LGBT+ activism and help you meet more fabulous friends. However, some friends will show you their true self. Sadly, you will come across a person that you considered a friend, but after they may be set in a 1950's mindset and have a negative response. But in all honesty, you must question yourself if you really want someone like that to be your friend in the first place. Real friends will accept you for who you are.

Coming out will give you easier access to the community and to a potential partner...


Now this one might have a level of subjectivity to it as I am still single. Small town gay boy problems. But according to several other LGBT platforms, coming out will give you a higher chance to find the significant other. Due to the increase in your ability to be involved in the community, you are probably much more likely to see a cutie and you two may have sparks fly.Who doesn't want to find a person to cuddle up with? 

Love may sound cool to some, but what does coming out do about your stress?

Less Anxiety

This is a simple calculation. If you're not paranoid about people finding out your sexuality, nor have to be constantly on edge to think of excuses to avoid awkward conversations, you will be less stressed and anxious. Coming out will be a burden at first, but once you are fully open, you may experience a huge weight lift off your shoulders. You won't have to fear a secret coming out, as you came out before it did!

Have you decided if you want to come out now? Afterall, you may have a lot to gain by slamming that closet door wide open or by inviting some people inside to throw a kiki. (Kiki is a slang word for a gossip and chill party, NOT to be confused with a Kai Kai. However, that is a whole new post...)

Tell me your thoughts on this post and be sure to share this with any friend that is puzzling themselves if they should come out.

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