Trendiest Outfits At Coachella 2018

Image Source: Coachella 2018
*BEYONCE IS NOT MENTIONED IN THIS POST. This is because her outfits were so extra, beautiful, everything, that this post would not do her justice*

Considerably the biggest music festival in the world, Coachella floods our Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and if you still use it, Facebook. Apart from this festival being a huge music event in the industry, it also displays an excessive expression of fashion. Extroverted Fashion.

If you're like I and have pockets filled with hay bails instead of heaps of cash, then you're probably not at Coachella and at home watching Beyonce's live stream. Yet fashion doesn't stop, hence here are the most fashionable Coachella outfits I could find.

Caroline Einhoff

Caroline is serving a country style look with an awesome high waisted flared skirt, with jewels. She also seems to have a Dior handbag carefully slung over her shoulder. 

James Charles

Youtuber and Makeup guru James Charles was rocking a designer leather kink look. Head to toe in hopefully faux leather, this hardcore look with the smooth and popping eyeshadow is looking gorgeous and has definitely shaken the internet.

The Dolan Twins

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Handkerchiefs over mouths are a trend popping all over the #Coachella2018 tag and the twins, Ethan & Grayson are a part of the fashionable look. Crop tops showing off their abs and breezy ripped jeans, this look is definitely a favourite of mine.

Delilah Belle

The booty cut open, loose legged trousers give me life. Delilah is slaying at Coachella on Instagram. The fishnet crop top is a fashion-forward, sexy and serving body to the world. Not a fan of the toned down makeup, but her outfit is POPPING! 

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Daniel Prada and Joey Graccefa 

Floral is very much this years trend and youtube's hottest boyfriends are giving us some fanatic looks. I adore the over the top patterning Mr.Prada was dishing out, with the super cute handkerchief around his neck. Simply wish I knew where to buy his whole outfit!

His partner in crime, Joey is on par with his love in the fashion department. Joey's country chic is everything. The satchel will be handy for him to carry his camera and makes him look Coachella dapper. It is perfectly complemented by the belt on his ripped light demine shorts.

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Ischtar Isik

Last year it was flower crows and crowns, this year it is flowers in the shirts! In Ischtar's case, an adorable dress. This is definitely a comfortable take on the Coachella madness, but she is sure staying stylish. 


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Millie Bobby Brown

Nothing is a stranger thing than fashion, but Millie Bobby Brown has it all spelt out. Her outfit is bright, vibrant and cool. She is setting a new trend with her empowering pink loose fit trousers.

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