Why You Need Love Simon

Based on the “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli Novel, Love Simon has shook (shaken) the world and has left our booties (buttocks) quaking (shaking). This coming of age adaptation of the stereotypical teenage romcom has taken the world into its arms and given it a warm, fuzzy, hug. Love Simon is an extraordinary film, which is already having a dramatic effect on our lives, the media and for gay rights. However, some twitter trolls, still care to argue that "the gays are shoving themselves down our throat". Gagging (disgusted). This post is an explanation for everyone as to why we need a film like Love Simon.

Popcorn in hand, tango ice blast at the ready and a pizza on my lap. Here I was sitting clueless as to how my life was about to change forever.  Surrounded by friends, gays and even some straights in the cinema, the film started. Never have I ever saw a film more relatable to me. The comedy was crafted perfectly. Gag (Dramatic pause from laughter/shock) after gag after gag. Tragic twists and tears running down my face. Bawling tears from my eyes felt like rain in the Sahara. Personal experience aside, this is why we need Love Simon.


Growing up all my friends had iconic characters of their sexuality that they could relate to. A perfect romance with a happy ending. (Gay sub love stories where one character dies do not count!) There was a void in my heart. Love Simon gives the gay community a place to relate to. Finally, there is a film that teenagers in our generations, who are gay, can watch and be represented. Be a part of a love story, which they have been denied for so, so long. 

Safe Place

Sometimes LGBT+ teens (and even adults) feel as if they do not belong. Maybe their family and friends are not so supportive of their identity. Where can they go? To a showing of Love Simon in the cinema and have a whole 110minutes of peace. 110 minutes of belonging and 110 minutes of heartsome love. Love Simon provides an excellent safe place for the LGBT+ community, especially in countries where being gay is still seen as taboo.


Sometimes we need a confidence boost in life. If my why you should come out blog post wasn't enough, then maybe Love Simon is. This film is extremely inspirational. Walking out of the cinema after watching this film left me feeling confident. Confident for being gay. Confident for being me. Confident to be a part of a great community, which is now being represented on media. Love Simon allows teens to gain the confidence to be themselves and inspires us all.


Love Simon brings the LGBT+ community into the mainstream. It is a way of normalising being gay in society. This is huge. Films such as Love Simon will have the effect of reducing LGBT+ hate crime and discrimination, it will have a chain effect of people knowing to accept people for being gay, black, feminine or queer.

Love Simon came out on the 6th of April in the UK and will be coming out to screens in other countries soon. Hopefully, you will go to the cinema and purchase a ticket to see this film as it is extremely important we show the media people want to watch LGBT+ content. Or even if you don't care about such a great reason, watch it because the film is revolutionary. 

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