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Martin's Virtual Blog

2000 was the year  I was born in a small town coastal town in northern Poland. Childhood is a blur of happiness, yet I remember migrating to England in 2006.  

Now, I am a full-time student doing A-levels who lives in the EastMidlands with my family. Although I plan to go into teaching English, writing is my NO.1 passion as I discovered I have a right obsession with blogging. During a tough patch in my life, I was recommended to start blogging and so on the 9th May 2015, I did. And I haven't stopped since.  

You will find my presence of most social media platforms, so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest and even Snapchat. But beware, I tend to have a very dry sense of humor and cringe-worthy selfies. At least I am honest.